Sing Drink + Be Merry #1959cj

Sing Drink + Be MerryInhalt: 1) Sing Drink + Be Merry; 2) Ain’t It Grand To Be Bloomin‘ Well Dead; 3) Blue Champagne; 4) Bubbles In The Wine; 5) Champagne Charlie; 6) Cocktails For Two; 7) Down At The Old Bull And Bush; 8) Drink To Me Only (with Gin And Tonic); 9) Fanlight Fanny; 10) From The Vine Came The Grape; 11) Here I Am Drunk Again; 12) Hot Toddy; 13) How The Money Rolls In; 14) I Belong To Glasgow; 15) I’m Beginning To See The Light; 16) Kisses Sweeter Than Wine; 17) Little Old Wine Drinker Me; 18) Mama Don’t Want No Peas And Rice And Coconut Oil; 19) Moonlight Cocktail; 20) Only A Glass Of Champagne; 21) Pink Lady; 22) Show Me The Way To Go Home; 23) A Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine; 24) Take Her To Jamaica; 25) That’s Amore; 26) Two For The Road; 27) Whisky And Gin; 28) Whisky Johnny; 29) You Go To My Head;
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„Sing Drink + Be Merry“