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Negro Spirituals #3776ki

Negro SpiritualsInhalt: 1) Negro Spirituals; 2) All Gods Chillun; 3) By An‘ By; 4) De Blin‘ Man Stood On De Road An‘ Cried; 5) Deep River; 6) Didn’t It Rain; 7) Down By The Riverside; 8) Go Down Moses; 9) Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho; 10) Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen; 11) Roll Jordan Roll; 12) Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child; 13) Soon All Will Be Done; 14) Swing Low Sweet Chariot; 15) Weary Traveller; 16) Where You There;
Musikverlage Hans Gerig Kg · Gesang, Sologesang, Gesang

„Negro Spirituals“