Alfred Mi Re Do the Game Show #9799gv

Alfred Mi Re Do the Game ShowJoe (or Jane) Kid, a student from your school, tries his or her luck on an exciting new game show competing with the famous composers W.A. Mozart, J.S. Bach, and Carl Orff to answer questions about music. Mozart, Bach, and Orff have their own theme songs, which are played by a „studio audience“ Orff ensemble. There are 10 musical numbers, plus reprises. Most are cleverly arranged for Orff instruments (3 include voices, and the Bach „Minuet“ is arranged for recorder quartet). Fun and effective teaching suggestions are included. Also includes simple stage setup instructions, performance notes, logistical suggestions including how to set up the Orff instruments, segue music, instrument needs, and great costume suggestions. A reproducible student’s script is also included. The script is fun and the dialogue between the 5 characters is easy for 4th-6th graders to master. Students and audiences will be introduced to the music of Mozart, Bach, and Orff, as well as a Slovak folk song and a „Calypso Festival“ finale! This musical is perfectly suited to an all-school revue. For grades 4-6 music classes. Premiered at the National Conference of Music for Children in Canada.
Alfred · Alfred Mi Re Do the Game Show
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905551 An all-school revue that teaches and entertains.

„Alfred Mi Re Do the Game Show“